President Hinckley has counseled parents: “Read to your children. Read the story of the Son of God. Read to them from the New Testament. Read to them from the Book of Mormon. It will take time, and you are very busy, but it will prove to be a great blessing in your lives as well as in their lives. And there will grow in their hearts a great love for the Savior of the world, the only perfect man who walked the earth. He will become to them a very real living being, and His great atoning sacrifice as they grow to manhood and womanhood, will take on a new and more glorious meaning in their lives” (quoted in Church News, 6 Dec. 1997, 2)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Week 12: Chapters 11 & 12 - Enos and King Benjamin

Book of Mormon
Chapters 11 & 12: Enos and King Benjamin

I have combined these two chapters because, although the King Benjamin chapter is quite lengthy, Chapter 11 (Enos) is just about Enos praying about E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

LQ and I are going to read the Enos story on one day and then cover King Benjamin for the rest of the week.

King Benjamin is going to be read in a makeshift tent made from blankets and chairs. We will also dress up like a king and build a block tower.

Other ideas that I have for this week include:
  • Making cookies and giving them to our friends (covering the service part of King Benjamin's speech)
  • Look at all the pictures we have of Christ's earthly life and talk about that (just like King Benjamin)
  • Colour, cut and paste the first two images on this page
  • has this idea for using a refrigerator box to make a tower
The possibilities are endless because King Benjamin taught a lot of different things. What ideas have you had?

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  1. Enos is one of my favorite B of M characters. And the 'praying over everything' thing is a great lesson for little ones -- and the rest of us! I've always thought alot about that phrase "wrestle before the Lord" -- interesting to consider that whoever he was struggling with (Satan? Himself?) it wasn't the Lord. The Lord was just watching and waiting for him to work some things out, then bless him and give him further direction once the wrestling match was over!