President Hinckley has counseled parents: “Read to your children. Read the story of the Son of God. Read to them from the New Testament. Read to them from the Book of Mormon. It will take time, and you are very busy, but it will prove to be a great blessing in your lives as well as in their lives. And there will grow in their hearts a great love for the Savior of the world, the only perfect man who walked the earth. He will become to them a very real living being, and His great atoning sacrifice as they grow to manhood and womanhood, will take on a new and more glorious meaning in their lives” (quoted in Church News, 6 Dec. 1997, 2)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

An Indulgence

I hope you will forgive me as I am about to post something a little bit unrelated to toddlers.

I am currently going through the next story in the Book of Mormon Stories picture book, "The Amlicites" - Chapter 21.

It brought to mind an email I sent to my Mother in Law last year after I had read Chapter 2 of Alma for my own personal study. I thought I would share that email with you.

A bit of background before you read: As you may have guessed (from my funny spelling) I am Australian. I am married to an American. I was intrigued with the amount of passion many Americans had toward the recent presidential election. I have no particular bias toward any political party because I have not lived in America long enough to know which party believes what. So please read the email knowing I am not saying that one political party is more like the Amlicites!!

Dear Mom,

I find it interesting that only a day after the American Presidential election I should be reading Alma 2. I was inspired to share with you my thoughts as Dal has mentioned you are concerned about the uncertain future that we face.

Chapter 2 of Alma starts with Amlici stirring up the hearts of those around him and gaining a great support from many of the Nephites who want to make him king. It then goes on to say that the righteous Nephites were ALARMED that they might actually be subject to Amlici because there were so many people who liked him. But as Mosiah had decreed that all things be done according to the "voice of the people", they all came to together to vote on whether Amlici should be King or not.

It is interesting to note that in verse five there is a cross reference, after the mentioning of "much dispute and wonderful contentions", to 3 Nephi 11:29. I can imagine the many presidential debates that went on during that time! But Heavenly Father wants us to know that we can have a democracy WITHOUT contention, because contention is of the devil.

To the Nephites relief, Amlici is voted out. But this doesn't stop him. He gathers his MANY supporters together and raises an army against the Nephites. They go to battle and it looks like the Nephites are going to lose, but in verse 17 and 18 we see that the Lord strengthens the Nephites because of their faithfulness. Again in verse 28 he strengthens them in their faithfulness and prayers and then in verse 30 and 31 we see that Alma was strengthened because of his faithfulness.

I think Heavenly Father wants us to know that regardless of who is leading us or what our current political status, he will protect those saints that are faithful and trust in Him. It seems that chapter two is only the beginning of a long history of battles and wars and there are many Nephites who do die (I don't think that will happen to any of us soon!).... BUT the main theme of chapter two in Alma seems to be that the faithful will conquer, even when we are in the minority.

What a lovely way to start a beautiful day, with words of encouragement from my loving Heavenly Father!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your insights. The scriptures are a constant source of peace for us when we think of political stuff going on. As long as we are faithful to the Lord, and do our part, we will conquer. Thanks again!