President Hinckley has counseled parents: “Read to your children. Read the story of the Son of God. Read to them from the New Testament. Read to them from the Book of Mormon. It will take time, and you are very busy, but it will prove to be a great blessing in your lives as well as in their lives. And there will grow in their hearts a great love for the Savior of the world, the only perfect man who walked the earth. He will become to them a very real living being, and His great atoning sacrifice as they grow to manhood and womanhood, will take on a new and more glorious meaning in their lives” (quoted in Church News, 6 Dec. 1997, 2)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Week 10: Chapter 9 - A New Home in the Promised Land

Book of Mormon
Chapter 9: "A New Home in the Promised Land"

If you look at the scripture references for this chapter, you will notice that 2 Nephi is all summed up in this chapter. Lucky for LQ... she doesn't have to deal with Isaiah JUST yet.

Of course, this means that I can pick out some wonderful scriptures to read to LQ this week. One of those scriptures will be 1 Nephi 19:23

I encourage you to go through the last part of 1 Nephi, 2 Nephi and the first chapter of Jacob and pick out your favourite scriptures to read to your child. LQ really believes she is getting a special treat when I read to her from the scriptures. She isn't allowed to touch mummy's scriptures otherwise. It's nice that she has that excitement.

The story this week focuses on the Nephites setting up and the Lamanites being cursed. I thought of some fun activities that tie in with those themes.

  • Plant some seeds and watch them grow (get that quick growing grass seed... toddlers attention span and all that)
  • Set up a tent in your living room
  • Tame wild beasts
  • Search for gold and silver in the sandbox
  • Build an altar with blocks (my favourite because it's so simple)
  • Build a temple with blocks or recycled boxes
  • Sing the second verse of "Love is Spoken Here" (Children's Songbook, pg 90)
  • Talk about Lehi blessing his sons and then relate to your child the importance of the priesthood. This lesson from the new nursery manual has a colouring activity that explains how the priesthood is used.
  • The Living Scriptures "Journey to the Promised Land" activity booklet has a few pages at the end that relate to arriving in the Promised Land.
  • Talk about the different types of homes the Nephites lived in (tents, ship, houses) and then sing "Home" (Children's Songbook pg 192)
I know some of these are a stretch, but because the chapter spans such a huge amount of scripture, I really think you could slot in any subject you would like your toddler to learn. If you wanted to attempt Isaiah you could even talk about Christ's coming, etc.

If you have a particular problem or just need a sounding board for your own ideas for your toddler, send me a comment or an email. Hopefully I can help you out.


  1. Love your ideas! Your cute daughter will learn so much from this study.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Becky.