President Hinckley has counseled parents: “Read to your children. Read the story of the Son of God. Read to them from the New Testament. Read to them from the Book of Mormon. It will take time, and you are very busy, but it will prove to be a great blessing in your lives as well as in their lives. And there will grow in their hearts a great love for the Savior of the world, the only perfect man who walked the earth. He will become to them a very real living being, and His great atoning sacrifice as they grow to manhood and womanhood, will take on a new and more glorious meaning in their lives” (quoted in Church News, 6 Dec. 1997, 2)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 3 - Role Play

My previous calling was in Primary and I had the opportunity to teach classes, sharing time and singing time. One of the directives from the General Primary Presidency (which I can't find at the moment) was not to allow the children to play the role of Jesus Christ or Heavenly Father when doing role playing. I will continue using this directive in my own home.
Therefore, today we will both be playing the part of Joseph Smith and the Angel Moroni.

My Plan:

Say an opening prayer

Read Joseph Smith History 1:33 "... that God had a work for me to do; and that my name should be had for good and evil among all nations,"

Explain that after Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ he kept praying. He was praying one night when the Angle Moroni came to visit him.

Read story from "An Angel named Moroni appeared and told Joseph..." As we read the story, act out the roles of Joseph Smith and the Angel Moroni

ie. When the Angel appeared, Joseph Smith was scared (let's be scared)
The Angel appeared three times (let us appear three times ;) )

Make sure that LQ gets to "dig up" some Gold plates.

Show LQ the Book of Mormon and tell her that what is written in the book is what was written on the Gold Plates.

Say a closing prayer (I am not sure how many prayers you want to say, but praying is one of Isabel's favourite things to do at the moment - hence the MANY prayers!)

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