President Hinckley has counseled parents: “Read to your children. Read the story of the Son of God. Read to them from the New Testament. Read to them from the Book of Mormon. It will take time, and you are very busy, but it will prove to be a great blessing in your lives as well as in their lives. And there will grow in their hearts a great love for the Savior of the world, the only perfect man who walked the earth. He will become to them a very real living being, and His great atoning sacrifice as they grow to manhood and womanhood, will take on a new and more glorious meaning in their lives” (quoted in Church News, 6 Dec. 1997, 2)

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Because I am going to have THOUSANDS of people visit this blog in the next week, I thought I might use the opportunity to get some ideas thrown around this rattly blog.

This week I have been a little lackadaisical in my approach to furthering LQ's eternal salvation. In fact things seem to have completely stopped for me. Are you ready for the excuses? I had a bit more on my plate... and LQ has been waking up in the middle of the night for the past four days, so when she wakes up at six I am JUST NOT READY to be the spiritual giant that I usually am.

I have also come across a few different things on the internet that have had me thinking. So my questions to you are:

If you already do scripture study with your toddler, or older children for that matter, do you just read whatever book you are reading consecutively or do you actually study the scriptures with a particular topic in mind?

OR if you don't do scripture study with your toddler and never plan on doing it and are just here for the chance to win a fantastic QUIET BOOK then tell me this - When raising a toddler, what gets you (or what got you) out of your pyjamas each day? Because most days.... I'm still in mine when Dal arrives home from work.


  1. Our toddler is only one and 4 months still, so we read scriptures all together on our bed as a part of his bedtime routine. We read consecutively - and where we read with him is different than where my husband and I are reading individually. When I study scriptures myself, I read consecutively unless there's a topic I'm working on, and then I do the topical study. But for our toddler, most of what we say goes over his head anyway, unless we happen to read about a puppy or a car.

    I had THEEEEE hardest time with the getting-ready-for-the-day thing when I was new/stay at home mom. I would try to shower and get ready when the Bean took a nap - but his naps weren't always long enough for me to get completely ready. But I made sure I was dressed before my husband got home, at least for his sake. He'd call me when he was on his way home, so I knew I had about 20 minutes to try to look presentable.

    Eventually, though, I started to get ready before he left for work so we could tag-team the baby while we both got ready. This helped me feel more focused and ready for the day - even if it was just a day full of blowing zerberts on babies tummies and vacuuming graham cracker crumbs out of the carpet for the umpteenth time.


    (and P.S. I totally want that quiet book!)

  2. There are a lot of great church produced materials that we use for family scripture study. If you go to the Church Distribution website to order scriptures, you can also find some comic book style books for the Old and New Testaments and the Book of Mormon that are great for kids. Each page has 5-6 pictures with narration and scripture references below. Our kids have a visual and a summary for every 3-4 verses that we're reading to them from the scriptures.

    I also love using the Gospel Art Kit and the new nursery manual -Behold Your Little Ones- to tell scripture stories and teach gospel principles. We use those a lot during FHE.

    Primary songs are a good resource too. Book of Mormon Stories had 8 verses and Follow the Prophet has 9 verses. Both songs teach a lot about prophets and stories in the scriptures.

  3. We have a 2 yr. old. Her scripture study consists of "Book of Mormon Stories" that we got from church distribution. It lasts not very long at all, right before bed. Sometimes we just look at the pictures. Her favorites are Jesus with the kids.

    Getting out of PJ's- exercise first thing in the morning. Then you are sweaty and have to take a shower/get ready because you stink.

  4. Our little one is still fairly young (15 months) so scripture study is a bit tough at the moment, keeping her from running away! I look forward to others suggestions.

    As far as getting out of the PJs, when my little one was a newborn, if I didn't get the chance to shower before she woke up, I'd put her in her swing next to the shower. As she's got older I bring toys in the bathroom to play with while I shower (everything is locked and baby proof), most of the time she just peaks through the shower and jabbers to me, but I've got to get my daily shower in somehow or I just go crazy!

    I can't wait to win this quiet book, because you know I'm going to, right? I'm Knot Sew Shabbys biggest fan! This would be great to help keep my daughter entertained at church!

  5. PS I'm following your blog now! Can't wait to win :)

  6. That quiet book is the cutest thing I've ever seen, so I hope I win! I've heard of this wonderful idea I want to do when Audrey is a little older, I need to start doing things with her so I need to read through this blog. So here is the idea, every breakfast pick a picture from the Gospel Art Kit and tell the story.

  7. Let me start by saying I feel it was inspiration that I just happened upon your blog just now. This is the exact thing that I NEED (the advice that is...though I'd also LOVE the quiet book). I have a 2 1/2 year old who is very active and all over the place, and my 8 month old just woke I guess I have no advice now, but I will write another comment

  8. I am the mother of 4 and the sad thing is I still dont get ready each day, Hats off to the moms that do, honestly I am lucky to get a bra on! So I could lie to you and tell you wonderful ideas but I figure honesty is best. It is fun to read the other comments and try the new ideas, I wish I had a few to share, the only one I can think of is play groups or I use to have a friend over to make cards or scrapbook while the kids play together. I would love to follow your blog and read more of your entries.

  9. As for scripture study, we usually continue on from where we left off. If my boys were having a tough day in any given area ie sharing, complaining, fighting etc than I will try to find something to go along with that as well (this usually occurs since I have 5 boys under 8).

    As for the getting ready for the day thing...I figure if I at least get a shower somehow during the day I have completed a major task :). I don't always look like a slob, don't get me wrong, but I figure I'm doing my best as a mommy and hopefully my kids will remember that.. Not what I was wearing ;).

    My blog is private but I would love a chance to win your book :)

  10. I go stir crazy so I have a lot of incentive to get ready so I can get my 3 and 1 year old out of the house! Sometimes it's just a ride in the car, but being ready to be seen in public is a big help for me.
    For scripture study we have some books that tell some bible and book of mormon stories. I think that learning about the stories in a picture book is the best we will do for awhile.
    I am now following your blog and I added your fun contest on my blog as well. I hope I win!

  11. My toddler is 14 so I don't need to be entered in the contest. But I welcome all these new friends, because, frankly, I'm useless to Helen. And she is so clever to have started this blog it was HIGH TIME you all knew it!

    As for studying the scriptures with kids, I think you can't go wrong with hats. Crowns for kings, halos for angels, whatever. Look at the cute pix they draw for those scripture reader type books, and duplicate whatever head gear the characters are wearing.

    Nope. Can't go wrong with a hat.

    (See why Helen needed you all over here?? I'm the sweet spirit in this beauty contest!)

  12. Hi I'm a mother of 4 kids that can remember those days of being in my pjs all day long.
    I feel it's just a season you're in and it's okay. I remember finding things to do (like go to the park, library, visit a friend) just to help me get out of my pjs and help me not feel so bored. Then, I had my 2nd child and I still couldn't find time to get us all dressed, etc. It just happens. It's a part of life. It definitely helps finding a routine. However, now, with my 4th, I long for those days of just being at home with our pjs on!
    We started reading scriptures as a fam. when our oldest was 1 1/2 yrs. I'd suggest starting off with 2 books: "My First Book of Mormon Stories" by Deanna Buck. It's a board book you can find online or at Deseret Book. Then, there's the "Book of Mormon Stories" softcover book from the Church Distribution center= Item number: 35666000 $7. It's wonderful. We use the one from the distribution center the most. Our oldest is 8 and we just began reading out of the scriptures for our fam. study, but we often refer back to those great pictures.

    It's amazing how much they get out of it. Our oldest daughter was 2 and understood about the Nephites and husband scolded her for something and she told him, 'You're a mean lamanite daddy." They really soak it up & most nights it our kids that remind us to read scriptures!

    Good luck!

  13. Back in the olden days when my kids were young, I spent many hours thinking of ways to teach about the scriptures in our home, trying to find ways to teach without upsetting my non-member husband who always maintained he was agnostic.
    From what I remember the most memorable lessons about the scriptures came from our family home evenings. Right from a very young age we held FHE and did activities to bring the scriptures to life in our home. I used the FHE resource book and video and adapted all to suit our family. FHE was always the highlight of the kids week. The family bonds we created whilst learning the scriptures remain to this day.
    One great idea for teaching the early part of the BOM is to build a tent with a blanket over the couch to see what it was like for Lehi and his family living in tents. Have your scripture study in the tent.
    Then make the couch into a boat and sail away with some of the provisions they took to learn how they sailed to the promised land.
    Congrats on this brilliant blog and great ideas. Using technology to strengthen our learning and inspire others is ingenious.

  14. I'm a mother of 2 (with one on the way!) and I usually do get ready for the day! I just can't stand not taking a shower daily. I usually try to go out every day to change it up for my girls, so I have to get ready to go out. My mom always had her makeup on and ready so I guess it rubbed off on me some! I will admit that some days it's just mascara, but it makes me feel good, nonetheless!
    This quiet book is awesome! And I'm going to become a follower of your blog!

  15. I am a mom of a 1 year old little boy that has fantastic energy and a temper to boot-I find the best way to get him to calm down is to sing Primary songs to him. When he needs to calm down we sing I am a Child of God very softly and he quickly stops crying or yelling and starts whispering-my own personal miracle!!

    Yes please to a quiet book, and I am following you! Thank you for this blog, its just what I need!

  16. I love the Illustrated Scripture Stories that the church puts out. We use those every night. The Behold your little ones manual is great too. There are no rules, though, which us moms often forget. It is OKAY for scripture study to last for 30 seconds. There were times we read one scripture: "As I have loved you, love one another." Then we all gave each other a hug and said "I love you." Sometimes you can just pick a verse that would be an easy concept to understand: loving, serving, family, Jesus, temple; then show a picture about it or sing a song about it or just say "I love the temple so much!" Ta dah!: scripture, testimony, survival. Then their experiences with the scriptures are joyful and not forced/frustrated. Just my two cents. I think you're awesome Hel, and if you want to stay in your pajamas all day, go for it. You'll get over it once you have to drive her to kindergarten. That worked for me. :)

  17. Oh my gosh! I want it! It's so cute, and your blog is too!

  18. What a cute blog! I'm following you now!! :)

    I don't think I can help with the pj's, as I often find myself in a similar situation.

    As far as ideas... our little guy loves music. So there are a lot of days where we'll pick a song out of the Children's Songbook, read the referenced scriptures at the bottom of the page, and then sing the song together.

  19. Oh this is a fun blog! I am a follower too! When my kids were little were had webbles (that wobble and don't fall down) and we would act out stories with them.

  20. Hi! I posted on my blog. and as soon as I'm done I will follow your blog. I have a 3 1/2 year old and an 8 month old. My mother in law gave us the illistrated scripture books and my son loves to read from them.

  21. I added myself as a follower and my son is only 3 months old so I don't have too many scripture study ideas yet. But I think your website is really cute, gotta love the Fisher Price Little People :)

  22. I so want that quiet book!!! Please pick me!!!!

    I have 2 sons, 2 1/2 and 3 months old. I am so shame to say that we don't read scriptures often enough for him... I'd love to but he just won't sit still or won't listen. But he is always begging us to read book (not boring looking scriptures) so I've been wanting to get like Book of Mormon for kids type thing. So all these comments have helped me a ton!! I'm going to go to Deseret book as soon as my husband gets paid ;-)

    Pj thing, I am so bad ever since my second son was born. But I tried to put make up on and get ready at least before my husband comes home, so he doesn't think I've been just doing nothing at home!! lol I don't want the public to see me without any make up on, so I guess that helps if I have plans to go out. It is hard, but I try to wake up when my husband is done taking a shower so I can take one before he leaves. (so he can take care of the kids if needed) I can't wait for my oldest son to take a nap, because his nap is around 1, it's kind of late... But that's what I do if I didn't wake up before he left.

  23. Hi! I am a mother of 2 little ones and it's a major effort to get ready everyday. I've realized though that if I have something little planned for the day then I have to get out of the house, and I will at least try to get ready. I try to shower before my husband leaves for work and that usually helps.
    And as far as scripture study goes, we're not at all the greatest. Anything that is under 5-10 minutes we can do, but if it's much more than that the kids don't last. I was excited to find your blog (off of Knot Sew Shabby) and read the ideas you have for this area.
    And of course I LOVE the quiet book and want it! I am now a follower and also posted about the give-a-way on my blog

  24. We're not really doing any scripture study yet, though my 20 mo. old has a couple Bible-story kinds of books that we read, especially during sacrament (so he can think about Jesus when he eats the bread). :) And how do I get out of my PJs? Well, my only chance to shower is when he naps, so I only have that window to take advantage of. Also, I'm too vain to go outside for walks, etc, if I'm not showered and ready... so by 1pm, I'm ready to go! (PS- This quiet book is fabulous! I hope I win!)

  25. Hey! This blog looks so interesting and I'm so gonna be following it! I have 5 kids so far. I just had surgery so I haven't been out of my pj's for a couple of weeks (and it's been kinda fun!!!) but I usually pretend that I'm expecting company and that gets me motivated to clean the living room and get myself and my children dressed.

    For family night, we sometimes study scriptures with a theme in mind (there are actually scriptures about keeping your room clean!:) and we try to read every day as a family. We try to make it fun but we aren't always sucessful. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  26. Hi Helen, what a great idea. Like the others I totally want this quiet book. Lewis would love it, that's if the other 2 would let him have it for a moment.

    we find the LDS pictures you can buy as a pack or access free on line are a great help for us (when we can be bothered - our FHE usually turns into time out rather quickly!).

    Another great thing I came across recently was at Aldi. For $5.95 you could get these felt story boards. They have many different designs and had a nativity and a Noah's ark themed boards. Each board comes with felt characters and pieces to allow you to build your own story scene. I'm not sure it teaches my kids much, but the boards keep them quiet for the ENTIRE sacrament meeting - a real achievement!

    As for getting out of my pj's - I'm forced to by the school & kindy drop offs and pick ups. I'm sure when I had only one toddler at home there was many a day when I was in my jammies the whole day!!

    Did I mention I love the quiet book?!!!


  27. I have been looking for a cute quiet book forever for my son. Yours is adorable. :)

    Scripture study is not very long in our house. My 1 1/2 year old is everywhere and into everything. We have a picture Book of Mormon and if we can just read one page that is a success. One thing we implemented young was family prayer by his crib. He now knows that before bed we all kneel and say prayers. It just warms my heart to see him kneel and fold his arms. And when he started talking and saying amen it usually comes before the prayer is done.

    Getting ready in the morning wasn't as hard for me just because I kept working after we adopted him. I was lucky enough to have employers that allowed me to take him to work. My husband now stays home with him during the day, but on the weekend my motivation is to get ready while he is taking his morning nap so when he wakes up we are ready to go out and have fun as a family. Good luck with everything. I would love to win the quiet book. Anything to keep him in his seat a few minutes longer at sacrament meeting. ;)

    p.s. I am so glad that I found your blog.

  28. Awesome site! I'm so excited to be a follower and learn from your good ideas!

    I have 4 kids, ages 4 (5 next week!), 3, 2, and 7 months, so I know all about toddlers (and diapers and messes, etc, etc, etc) these days. There are definitely days I don't get out of pj's, but I do try. I think what helps me most is the (very vain, I know) thought that I don't want my kids' memories of me to be in pajamas!

    As for scripture study, we have spurts around here, and are always up for new ideas. What seems to work best is to read a story out of the Scripture Readers (the comic book style ones for children) at bedtime. Right now while my kids are so young my main concern is to help them become familiar with the stories. I think the principles will fall into place as they grow. Of course, I talk about them, but I don't expect it to all "click" right away.

    I LOVE that quiet book- what a great give-away!

  29. I would definitely LOVE your quiet book!! I Have 5 children and then oldest is 5 1/2 so we could use all the help we can get during sacrament mtg!! :) It is the cutest thing ever!!

  30. I would love, love this book. Anything to help my 2 yr. old triplets sitt still, and be quiet is great!!!

  31. Hey, I also posted a link to this site on my blog. So hopefully this will qualify me again. Thanks

  32. I would love to win that book - I'd like to give it as a thank you gift to someone who did something really nice for me - I know she (and her little girl) would love it. I don't hsve a blog so I can't "follow". Gorgeous, fun book!!

  33. I am just amazed by that activity book and would really love to share with my sweet, who is getting scarily close to 6 months.
    To get out of pjs... Every single day, we get out of the house. It's good for both of us to not get too comfortable (bored) in our own four walls. Walks, groceries, classes, playdates (plopping a pair of babies on the floor and talking with moms), library, or just going to get a cup of coffee somewhere else. But it has to be every single day for us, or I go completely stir crazy.